Interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Climactivo experience

I have always been interested in environmental issues. So, when I was invited by the Ministry of Health to imagine an event that will invite teachers and environment lovers to discuss enviroment issues and how to teach kids about them, I was thrilled. Climactivo is certainly one of the largest events that deals with environmental issues in Argentina. Over the last four years, I designed everything for the convention, from brochures to id badges to large-screen animated slideshows. Last year that I was involved, I was even given the opportunity to direct a sci-fi themed mini-movie. It was widely praised among attendees.

Signs were designed to depict all the places that the talks were held and to convey the overall style of that event.

Stage design

The uniqueness of this event lies in the fact that it presents a new experience each year. Hence, on the last edition, we wanted to make an impact with our stage design. We commissioned a group of architects to construct a projection screen that housed a giant sphere. We would use this sphere to show visual data linked to the planet whenever the screen was idle between keynotes

this is a diagram for the projectors used during preproduction.
Some of the visuals that were featured in the giant projection mapping background

Social media

Climactivo: 3 years