About me

Argentinean creative and designer living in Canberra

Graphics design major graduated at Saint Thomas Aquinas University of the North in Tucumán, Argentina in 2005. I’ve worked for several design studios as part of their staff and as an external consultant.

After a long time working on print and editorial design I dedicated a couple of years to perfect my digital designs skills working for web design agencies doing front-end design and HTML coding. I’ve seen browsers appear out of thin air, flash become a mainstream tool, the birth of social networking sites and much more (I have a 4 letter instagram handle – @buda). The groundwork for current practices of good user experience and interface design was being laid during that time. 

The opportunity came to give back some of that knowledge that had been given to me. I got an offer to teach digital design in the university I had studied many years before. I was teaching design for screen and video. It was a very satisfying experience and I got to reach young designers that were transitioning from print to digital. 

My work as a front-end designer took me to participate in several startups. One of those companies got funding and I started a journey of almost 4 years into e-commerce and business. I got to travel to many places and met a lot of people that taught me a lot. It felt like doing a super accelerated MBA.

After that company was dissolved I did about 2 years of UX / UI consulting for software factories all over the country. And finally dedicated full time to freelancing. My focus in these last years was to work on large-scale long-term projects. Encompassing from brand conception to visual identity and towards web design and social media visual identity. 

Before moving to Canberra I worked as a senior designer for a local boutique design studio in the hospitality industry in Brisbane. Where I designed for hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and events. My primary area of design work consisted of editorial design and poster design.